About Us

Lifesports is a web site designed by our team who are fanatics for the outdoors. All of us are experienced ex athletes and we have tried to make the user experience exactly what we would want in a web site to get fitter and keep the enthusiasm for training as we move into the ex athlete stage of life where motivation to get out of bed early and go training is waining and the call of the duvet is very strong.

The original idea sprang from the desire to have a training partner to meet up with and go training. Once you have a comittment to another person it is very difficult not to turn up, and we find that having this as an incentive to meet and train gives you at least 2- 3 extra sessions per week. You add this up over the month or the year and you are doing a lot more hours on the bike, in the boat, on the road, or in the gym.

One stop shop for all things sports

Once we had this idea we felt that we needed a goal to train towards. Its much easier to get up and train if you know that you have a set date in the future which you need to acheive a certain level of fitness for to perform to your best. this is why we have an events page so that you can pick and choose the relevent event for your particular sport or sports.

Once you have highlighted which events you want to sign up for you go directly to the URL for the event and register directly with them. We have then several options for the user to download a series of training programs for the events to get in the best shape. You can choose between 3, 6 and 9 month programs to get you as fit and strong as possible for your event.

The final piece of the puzzle for us was accessing a specific web site that had all the kit we would need to compete in the event we had chosen. We offer all the gear you need at a fraction of the cost of new kit as we approach suppliers who have excess stock from previous seasons. This is how we can offer the gear at a discounted rate. We hope you enjoy the site and please email us with any feedback on how we can improve your user experience.