Training Programs

This section of the website is designed for you to download the most suitable training program for your sport, your fitness levels and your time-frame to the event.

Once you have chosen an event from our events page that you want to enter, then go to this section of the site and choose the right training program for you.

We have a wide range of programs all designed by experts so you can train to the level that suits you best.

Don't forget to eat properly and get plenty of rest between sessions.

Click on the related videos to check out your technique and watch how the sessions are designed to be carried out.

Its also a good idea to print out the training program and keep a diary of how your training is going so that you can monitor your fitness levels and recovery periods.

Choose the program for your sport
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Cycling Build your endurance ability by creating your own training plan. PDF VIDEO
Golf Forget the bad misses, it is time to become a pro striker. PDF VIDEO
Running Do more drills for your legs because strong legs are the biggest assets of a great runner. PDF VIDEO
Rowing A great sport that teaches coordination and team spirit. PDF VIDEO
Ski-ing Unveil your self-reliance abilities and try Skiing. PDF VIDEO
Triathlon Discover your real potential as an athlete. PDF VIDEO